If Einstein, arguably the foremost scientist of the last 100 years, believed in a Creator of the universe, why is it that today so many scientists scoff at the idea of a Creator? 

Does an infinite number of universes make sense?

Scientists that believe in a Creator say...

So many of today's scientists go to extreme lengths, and propose some of the most fantastic theories, in order to keep God out of the equation.

In many of these theories, they are trying to create SOMETHING out of NOTHING.  This doesn't make sense to me.
I developed this website to challenge its readers to consider the possibility that there is, in fact, a Creator--who "used science," probably via the Big Bang, to create the universe we live in today.
What this site focuses on:
  1. Why a "Creator" makes sense
  2. What science explains about the origins of the universe
  3. What science does NOT explain
  4. What respected scientists, many of whom were or are believers in God, said or say about Him
  5. What respected theologians and the Bible say about God and creation
  6. Links to interesting websites and other resources  that cover these topics

    An exploding star

    Note: Unless specified otherwise, all photographs on this website are from the Hubble Space Telescope.

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